Secure storage can prevent theft – and it can help save a life.

Firearm owners have different reasons and preferences for secure storage, but most share the view that a responsible firearm owner should prevent unauthorized or inappropriate access.

Storing firearms securely can prevent someone from misusing them – like a curious child playing with a gun, or an intruder stealing a gun.

Secure storage can also also prevent suicide. Suicide is hard to talk about. But it’s important to recognize that, unfortunately, most people have been affected by suicide loss. And, suicide death rates are particularly high among Veteran and military communities. The decision to act can be sudden, so small changes in storing dangerous household items, like firearms, can make a big difference. Bottom line? The safest storage method is the one that will make a firearm hardest to reach during a moment of crisis.


Business Tools and Resources

If you’re a firearm retailer or range, we have easy and effective ways that can support both your community and business:

Reinforce your commitment to safety to current 
and potential customers.

Serve as an indirect support for people going through a crisis period.

Enhance your reputation in the community.


Secure Storage Options

If you’re a firearm owner or someone living with a firearm owner, we can help you navigate a secure storage plan for your family and help you prevent:

Theft and the likelihood the stored firearm(s) be used in criminal activity.

Accidental injury or death, especially among young children.

Fatal suicide attempts or intentional harm from domestic violence by delaying access to a highly lethal method of self-injury.

Explore temporary, out-of-home secure storage locations