Secure storage is a key component of responsible firearm ownership and ensuring household and community safety.


Simple steps to store firearms securely can prevent theft, inappropriate use, accidents, and even suicide. There are many options for secure storage. The materials here can help you choose the option that works for you and your household, or you can talk with a local firearm-related business for advice.

We Provide Key Information Wherever You are in the Implementation Process

Firearm Safety Plan

In-Home Storage Options

Out-of-Home Storage Options

Storage Needs and Preferences can Change Over Time.

As life changes, firearms storage needs may change. When a new person, such as a child or someone with mental health issues or dementia, becomes part of your household,  it may be appropriate to enhance the way you store your firearms.

Likewise, home circumstances (deployment, selling the home, or going on a trip) may require additional safety measures.

During tough times, like a suicide crisis or difficult divorce, you should change your storage to make sure the at-risk person temporarily doesn’t have access to firearms.

Having a detailed plan and understanding available resources are the first steps.

Make a Plan.

Have you created (or updated) your Firearm Inventory to keep track of your firearms and where they are stored?

Do you feel your current in-home storage is sufficient and effective?

Have you identified storage options outside the home near you in case circumstances temporarily change in your household?

Have you identified a person you trust to help you with these steps if needed?

Secure Storage in Your Home

Choose the option that works for you and your household

Locking devices designed for firearms are best for securely storing firearms, but any locked room, cabinet, or device that limits access is better than leaving firearm(s) unsecured and accessible to anyone who may find them or knows where they are stored. The most secure method is to store firearms locked and unloaded, with ammunition stored separately.

Out-of-Home Storage

Find local options for temporary, voluntary firearm storage.

Sometimes, the safest option is to move firearms out of your home. This could be for a variety of reasons, such as selling or renting your home, going on an extended trip or deployment, or having visitors who should not have firearm access (like grandchildren, children’s friends). It can also be effective to store firearms outside of your home during a family crisis, or if you or a family member is having thoughts of suicide. In some states, individuals can transfer firearms to immediate family members or other trusted adults without going through a firearm transfer process that includes a background check.