Support Your Community and Your Business.

As a firearm business (retailer, range, gunsmith, training facility, etc.), you can help prevent thefts, unauthorized access, accidents, and injuries or deaths in your community, including suicides.

Providing services to your customers that promote secure firearm storage creates a positive impact for your business; it enhances your reputation as being committed to your customer and community’s safety.

You may already be selling storage devices at your location or even offering temporary storage options for your community. Or maybe you are interested in doing more but have not taken the first step because there were no resources available for direction or support in this area.

Whatever your current situation is, Pause to Protect has resources and support for your efforts.

Pause to Protect provides a set of flexible participation options complete with technical support, tested standard operating procedures (SOPs) and guidance, and connection to other participating businesses. These materials were developed as part of the VetStore program, which is the genesis of Pause to Protect.

You can choose ways that fit best with your business and community, with the knowledge that anything you do will be beneficial to your location and to those you serve. These resources are meant to serve as a guide only. Each can be modified to fit your specific needs, and there is no requirement to use them.

Access these Firearms Business Resources to get started.

On-Site Temporary Storage Services

Distribute In-Home Secure Storage Devices

Secure Storage Educational Materials

Decide What Works for You.

On-Site Temporary Storage Services

We offer three ways in which businesses can provide temporary storage solutions to customers:

  1. Individual storage lockers.
  2. Taking customers’ firearm(s) into your business inventory for storage.
  3. Provide gunsmithing or engraving services with a mandatory storage period of 30 days.

In-Home Secure Storage Devices

Pause to Protect is currently partnering with select firearm businesses in the U.S. to offer devices free or at reduced costs to active military members. If you would like to learn more about considerations for your business to do this, access these resources.


Inventory Management & Insurance Guidelines

Provides general business and insurance considerations based on experiences of businesses facilitating distribution of storage devices.

Pause to Protect FAQs

Answers questions businesses might have about providing these services.

Secure Storage Educational Materials

Pause to Protect offers educational materials that can be integrated into your firearm safety courses, displayed in your location, or provided to customers to take home.

customer signing contract


Secure Firearm Storage Solutions Poster

This resource reviews common storage solutions and encourages customers to ask your staff for details and devices that may be available at your location.

How to talk to Customers about Safe Storage

This resource will help you and your staff know how to talk with customers about why safe storage is important.

Rules and Stats

Many people are not aware of firearm injury and suicide statistics in the US. This resource card outlines some important statistics and introduces a 5th rule of firearms safety.

Secure Storage Card

Designed to be given to customers with their purchases and/or with any storage devices distributed at your point of sale.

Home Firearm Inventory and Assessment

Share this resource with customers to help them take stock of firearms in their homes. There are two versions: one  can edited and one for printing.

Firearm Safety Training Slides

Consider adding these slides to your deck that detail some important statistics and the services you provide at your location that facilitate secure firearm storage.


Order the Brave Conversations Retailer Toolkit

Order a collection of informational materials for businesses and firearm owners.

Veterans Administration Safe Storage Toolkit

This is a comprehensive  resource from the VA that will empower you to promote and support safe firearm storage in your community.

Find Safety Initiatives Near You

Search will take you to a list of local gun shop projects and other safety initiatives by state.