Distributing Storage Devices

There are a wide variety of secure storage options to choose from if a firearm business elects to participate in Pause to Protect through the distribution of devices. Everything from cable and trigger locks to lockboxes and safes can be easily sourced and could become a valuable resource for someone lacking appropriate storage in their home.

In testing this program, we found certain devices to be more popular than others, and that if devices are being distributed for free, customers are open to giving a small donation to receive some of the larger, more popular items. This helps to sustain the program at a firearm business that is an official Pause to Protect partner.

Distributing storage devices in your community is a great way to participate in this program and make a difference. The technical support that Pause to Protect provides gives a firearm business all the information they need to select and distribute the devices that best fit with your location.


Inventory Management & Insurance Guidelines

Provides general business and insurance considerations based off experiences of businesses facilitating distribution of storage devices.