We Need You

We believe responsible firearm owners can make our communities better.

There’s a way to get involved, no matter who or where you are:

  • If you’re a firearm business, you can use the Pause to Protect materials to support your customers with education, locking devices, or on-site storage, depending on what works for you.
  • If you’re an individual who cares about secure firearm storage and preventing firearm-related harms, you can use the Pause to Protect materials to ensure your firearm safety plan is up to date – and to educate your friends and family. You can also use the storage map  to find out-of-home storage locations near you.
  • If you’re from a community-based or government organization interested in building a Pause to Protect network of firearm business partners in your location, you can use the materials to get started. You can also contact us for additional information.
  • If you’re in the firearms industry, you can contact us to brainstorm ways you can support firearm businesses in providing Pause to Protect services to their customers.

Contact Us

Are you interested in getting involved? Email us at: contact@pausetoprotect.org.